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About (clothing)

(Lit. Apie; Est. 2012 (8), Utena) is a Lithuanian innovative underwear and leisurewear brand with the latest technological possibilities with the sense of zeitgeist in design trends, with locally developed fabrics enriched with extra skin-care textile finishing, based on aloe vera, beeswax, silk proteins and antibacterial silver [1]. 0.07 *

Name: About
Other: Utenos
Est.: 2012
Age: 8
City: Utena
Venue: Utenos trikotažas
Founder: Utenos trikotažas
Facebook: 14378
Instagram: 1045
Twitter: 0
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Youtube: 30
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Beside its core B2B activities, Utenos trikotažas internationally operates two in-house created fashion brands

Utenos trikotažas / Ut.lt



No rough stitching
No itchy fabrics
No uncomfortable seams

Natural beeswax soothes the skin, aloe vera moisturizes it, silk proteins enhance its softness and silver ions provide long-lasting protection against bacteria. Every inch of clothing is designed to delight your senses [2, 3, 4].

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