Al-Numan, Leila

(Rus. Лейла Аль-Нуман; Born. 1969 (50), Moscow) is a Russian artist, founder art director at the “Alexandria” studio [1]. 0.0 *

Name: Leila
Surname: Al-Numan
Other: Лейла Аль-Нуман
Born.: 1969
Age: 50
City: Moscow
Venue: Vavilov 65A, House of Artists
Founder: of the “Alexandria” studio
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Leila Al-Numan at St Petersburg in 2017

St. Petersburg State University /


In 1993 graduated from S. G. Stroganov Moscow University of Art and Industry (faculty of Monumental Decorative and Applied Arts, Department of Glass). She is the author of more than 500 stained glass works. Leila Al-Numan is a member of Artists’ Union of Russia, International Association of UNESCO Artists. Books, “Stained glass in architecture”, Moscow.

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