Armenian Fashion Week

(Arm. Հայկական նորաձեւության շաբաթ; Est. 2000 (19), Yerevan) is an International fashion event in Yerevan, pan-armenian international fashion festival founded by Arman Antonyan in 2000, also held the national awards for the contribution of the development of fashion [1]. 0.0 *

Name: Armenian Fashion Week
Other: AYFW
Est.: 2000
Age: 19
City: Yerevan
Venue: House of the Government of Armenia
Founder: Arman Antonyan (President)
Facebook: 284
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Twitter: 0
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Arman Antonyan the founder of AYFW at Palais des Festivals, Cannes in 2017

Antonyan's archives / Facebook


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Moscow 2010, Armenian & Yerevan Fashion Week. National Awards for the contribution of the development of fashion, Golden Palace

Photo: AYFW /

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