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(Rus. Артком Медиа Групп; Est. 2008 (12), Moscow) is an international media group with headquarters in Russia, a global network which operates in Italy, Germany and France [1]. 0.11 *

Name: Artcom
Other: Артком Медиа Групп
Est.: 2008
Age: 12
City: Moscow
Venue: Stolyarnyy pereulok, 3, 6
Founder: Antonio Alizzi
Facebook: 2289
Instagram: 2027
Twitter: 124
Vkontakte: 0
Vimeo: 0
Youtube: 0

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During the photoshoot of publishing house team connected with the10th anniversary of the ACMG

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A publishing house part of Russian media holding company, established in 1995, specializes in the publication of licensed versions of foreign magazines, includes publishing group Artcom Media, advertising, digital and event agency.

Magazines and websites

Magazines about fashion and lifestyle: Numéro, Port, SNC, Golf Digest. Publications on design: Interni, Objekt, Exterieurs Design, L’Officiel in Russia and in Germany. Digital department of the holding includes an online resource about fashion and the iconic events of the life of the metropolis,,,


Year Milestone
1990 The Art Service company is established, later reshaped into Art Trading company
1995 ARTCOM Media advertising agency is establised
2008 ARTCOM Media publishing house is established

The Uskov’s scandal

In 2018, the Editor of the Russian edition of Forbes Nikolai Uskov was dismissed by the decision of the owner; As reasons for dismissal, dissatisfaction with the quality of Uskov’s work and his repeated participation in “outside events of other brands” were cited. According to Uskov himself, the real reason for the dismissal was the conflict between him and the owner of the publication, Alexander Fedotov [2].


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[1] About Artcom Media Group (

[2] Усков, Николай Феликсович (Wikipedia)

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