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(Rus. Би-ин; Est. 2007 (13), Saint Petersburg) is a Russian a web site founded by as a service for finding stores and clothes, as well as an online basket for shopping in the largest online stores in Moscow [1]. 2.19 *

Other: Би-ин
Est.: 2007
Age: 13
City: Saint Petersburg
Founder: Alexey Bazhenov
Facebook: 76918
Instagram: 8279
Twitter: 1909
Vkontakte: 217565
Vimeo: 0
Youtube: 781
Soundcloud: 0
Pinterest: 0
Weibo: 0

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Front page of in 2018

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Year City, event
2006 Saint Petersburg, Be founded
2018 Be In Open
2019 Ulianovsk, Gastroli [3]

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[1] “Деловой Петербург”. Модная реклама приносит доход (

[2] (Wikipedia)

[3] Форум модной индустрии Be in Open запускает просветительский проект “Гастроли” (

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