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[3] Bedsheet (project) (Facebook)

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Bedsheet (Rus. Простыня) 2016, Moscow—is a art project by Russian artist Elena Kholkina.1 Sign in to edit Bedsheet

About project

The Bedsheet project is a series of events taking place in a ring-house, the so-called “bublik”—a round nine-floor building, constructedin the 1970s. The idea was to create a self-contained community, a miniature town provided with a complete infrastructure: shops, a laundry, a dressmaker’s, a post office. The inner yard could easily house a football field.

In Soviet times good neighbourly relations and constant socializing with other house residents were common place, there existing aprovision for comfortable living and a social norm. Today mixing with neighbours is often non-existent and the new norm of communication has boiled down to virtual exchanges by email and social networks. In the author’s opinion this leads to significant transformations in the psychological atmosphere within society.

In Elena Kholkina’s events that took place in August 2015, the ring-house became an experimental site in which she tried to overcome the dominance of online communication. To do this she hung out bedsheets to dry without any announcement. On every sheet was written a story of a house resident which the artist had collected in advance. These stories become motivations for live communication between the readers, creating a peculiar offline social network. The events series culminated in a small party with bubliks organized by the artist for the house residents and a screening of the events’ video-records.2

“The bublik”—is a round nine-floor building in Moscow, constructed in the 1970s Photo: Point author here / Expanding Space

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