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(Rus. Безус; Est. 2010 (10), Moscow) is a Russian woman's wear fashion brand based in Moscow founded by Omsk designer Ruslan Bezous [1]. 0.01 *

Name: Bezous
Other: Безус
Est.: 2010
Age: 10
City: Moscow
Venue: Bobrov Lane
Founder: Ruslan Bezous
Facebook: 597
Instagram: 0
Twitter: 0
Vkontakte: 0
Vimeo: 0
Youtube: 0
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Woman's look by Bezouse in 2011

Cycles and Seasons by MasterCard /


Random quote

“But the most talented designer of all is the designer Ruslan Bezus,” says Marina Riemer, “if he were as active now as at the beginning of his career, he would have worked in Jil Sander, no less.” Ruslan - his somewhat forgotten Bezous brand was once demonstrated at Cycles & Seasons Fashion Week, confirms: “Yes, I do everything myself: I draw, cut, put on patterns” [2].

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Bezous logo since 2011

Photo: Bezous / Facebook

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[1] На счет три. Третий сезон Cycles and Seasons by MasterCard стартует в понедельник (

[2] Теневые игроки моды: кто стоит за производством одежды. Часть 1, вводная (

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