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Bionica Show, the

(Rus. Бионика (шоу); Est. 2006 (13), Moscow) is Russian performance & dance theatre based on natural philosophy and Buddhism, founded by Haik Simonyan and Fedor Dodonov [1]. 0.04 *

Name: Bionica
Surname: Show, the
Other: Бионика
Est.: 2006
Age: 13
City: Moscow
Venue: World Economic Forum in Davos
Founder: Haik Simonyan and Fedor Dodonov
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The Bionica Show emblem

Fedya&Haik / Source


is a Luxurious Performance & Dance Theatre based on natural philosophy and Buddhism. These stunning and unique stories are told through the eyes of visionary designers Haik Simonyan and Fedor Dodonov. Their conceptual costumes and magical music will amaze and transport viewers to places only found in the imagination.

Haik and Fedor have masterfully created a mystical world inhabited by characters that take you on a fantastic adventure to a wonderland of galaxies and worlds unknown. Along with suggestive melodies, dances and models able to seduce with their gestures, designers have given birth to a real theatrical performance.

Their brilliant designs are all rigorously produced in Russia and processed at their atelier in Moscow. Natural materials like textile, leather, and wool are used to create the visually stunning and intricate detail while artificial materials are used only to create the frames and skeletons of the more structures dresses.

The Bionica Show performances have been seen at events across Russia and internationally including The Alternative Hair Show (Los Angeles, London, Moscow), APEC-2012 Vladivostok, World Economic Forum in Davos, and other corporate and private events all over the World [2].

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Maya Gold performance of the Bionica Show

Photo: Bionica / Bionica

Shows and performances

Year Show  
2008 Aqua  
2008 Aqua Space  
2008 Arctic  
2009 Kaleidoscope  
2009 Butterflies  
2010 Masquerade  
2010 Forest Witches  
2011 Laser Birds  
2011 Illusion UK  
2012 Lemon Air  
2012 Legends  
2013 Matrioshka  
2013 Reallusion  
2014 Dream hackers  
2014 Maya Gold  
2015 Oriental Shadows  
2016 Red Angels  
2017 Robo-Bio  
2017 Rutopia  

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