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Buro 24/7

(Rus. Бюро 24/7; Est. 2011 (8), Moscow) is a Russian web-site founded for fashion, culture, lifestyle, entertainment and beauty news [1]. 6.97 *

Name: Buro 24/7
Other: Buro247.ru
Est.: 2011
Age: 8
City: Moscow
Venue: Trekhgornaya manufactura
Founder: Fira Chilieva
Facebook: 180964
Instagram: 332000
Twitter: 13800
Vkontakte: 81722
Vimeo: 0
Youtube: 11251
Soundcloud: 0
Pinterest: 0

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Fira Chilieva the founder of Buro 24/7

Audi Press / GQ


Site also publishing profiles, expert advicees, reportages. In 2016, the brand has expanded to a number of regions including Croatia, Ukraine, Kazakhstan, Azerbaijan, Middle East, Turkey and Australia. Buro 24/7 belongs to Polina Deripaska, publishing house Forward Media Group publishes Hello magazines and “Interior + Design”. Several years ago, Oleg Deripaska bought this ID for his wife. They no longer have a joint business, Polina Deripaska is the sole owner of the ID.

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Chief-Editor of Buro 24/7 Miroslava Duma (on bottom left) with friends at Gribovo

Photo: Open Russia / Open Russia


Year Chief-Editor
2010 Duma, Miroslava
2017 Darma, Ekaterina

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[1] У издания о моде Buro 24/7 появился новый главный редактор (Vedomosti, Oct. 2017)

[2] Buro 24/7 (Facebook)

[3] Buro 24/7 (Instagram)

[4] Buro 24/7 Russia (YouTube)

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