Cheboksary knitwear (brand)

(Cv. Шупашкар трикотажĕ; Est. 1958 (61), Poltava, Ukraine) is a Chuvashian brand of knitwear founded in Poltava (USSR) located in Chuvash Republic [1]. 0.02 *

Name: Cheboksary knitwear
Other: Чебоксарский трикотаж, Чулочно-трикотажная фабрика
Est.: 1958
Age: 61
City: Poltava, Ukraine
Venue: Cheboksary
Founder: USSR (Gov.)
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Youtube: 64
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Drawers Cheboksary jersey H-2

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Cheboksary knitwear building in 2011

Photo: V. Kharitonova / Chuash Encyclopedia

The explosive popularity of the unofficial commercial in 2019

In 2016, a video clip [2] about the company’s activities was filmed and published. After the publication by “Loud fish” of an unofficial video [3, 4, 5] in 2019, many comments and reposts appeared on the net.

Loud fish

“Loud fish” consists of four guys from different cities and republics of Russia - two from Kazan, one from Sarapul (Republic of Udmurtia) and one from urban-type settlement Paranyga (Mari El), project representative Kirill Karamov told Medialeaks. On their YouTube channel with 33 thousand subscribers, the guys usually publish comedy videos, cooking and reviews on a variety of topics - from new laws in Russia to blockbusters [6].

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