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Kateryna was born in the family of Ukrainian Tatars. Kateryna was sent to Ukraine at the age of 6. Her grand mother used to teach her the art of writing letters to her mom and dad along with painting colourful mandalas. She had a huge mirror in her bedroom and believed that one is able to travel through it anywhere. Her grandfather used to teach her algebra and geometry, along with constant psychological testing on computer. That’s how it started. By graduating high-school at the age of 15 she had been spending almost all her free from studies time near her best friend, computer, experimenting with linking the math homework with music equalizer and creating visuals on the screen.

Graduating as B.A. in Film and TV studies has occasionally brought her a feeling of a crucial need in experimenting with short psychedelic trance movies. Her specialization in film direction has caused her first try to lecture to an auditorium and test public interactive screening of her works. Her passion to classic silent movies, along with trash d’n’b trends in video art and mixture with self-programmed rainbow fractals were the first result presented at VJ Fest Istanbul. Hopefully, she managed to collaborate with psychedelic music producers and present several commercial music clips to a vast community of professionals working as digital video producers at LPM, Minsk. By that time she has become known as fiction character vj Kat4er, a fake Art Director of Ukrainian VJ Association and a karma-yoga volunteer of Crimean “Misterika Art Festival” family.

The place of birth has always attracted Kateryna. She has made several trips to the sacred villages in Siberia and shot video materials, which she started to mix with 3D mandalas, created in solitude. According to the Buddhistic tradition she tried to bring the conscious vibe, while showing people chanting and the visions they hypothetically can watch. That is how Triuzla project was formed. The whole 2013 year she had been working on her M.A. research in Creative Industries, devoted to the web platforms for a-v content creators. The new stage of life has begun with … silence and darkness. Kateryna was devastated with the “real” world and the controversy between civilization and nature. Philosophy of European and Asian anthropologists has caused a nervous breakdown. The dichotomy of the everyday life seemed to split her consciousness into the little pieces. The early 2014 started with a trip to Mexico, a symbolic coming back to the cultures of native people and shamans has brought recovery and the feeling of the Universe, which is actually, nor born, nor dead. At the moment she focuses on expressing of the psychological aspects of human soul by the means of 3D minimalistic animation and documentaries.

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[3] Chernei, Katerina (VJ Kat4er) (Facebook)

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