Chistova, Anna

(Rus. Анна Чистова; Born 1980 (40), Moscow) is a Russian designer living and working in Moscow [1]. 0.72 *

Name: Anna
Surname: Chistova
Other: Chistova
Born: 1980
Age: 40
City: Moscow
Venue: Apartement26 / Kuznetsky bridge Str.
Founder: Apartement26
Facebook: 1590
Instagram: 2288
Twitter: 0
Vkontakte: 0
Vimeo: 0
Youtube: 0
Soundcloud: 0
Pinterest: 0
Weibo: 0

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Anna Chistova, Meglinskaya Gallery, February 24, 2010

Alexander Lepeshkin / Flikr


(Rus. Анна Чистова, born. 1980, Ekaterinburg) Fashion designer, costume designer, stylist, founder of Apartement26, designer of evening dresses, artist and actress [1], co-founder ChistovaEndourova brand, founder and owner of Chistova brand. Anna also known as costume creator and stylist for «Духless» (2005) and «Духless 2» (2015).

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Anna Chistova and Gleb Samoilov

Photo: Gennadi Avramenko / Woman Hit


Anna was born to an artistic family in Ekaterinburg. She lives and works in Moscow currently. In 2003 Anna created a new brand ChistovaEndourova, which already a year later has become a headliner during the Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week Russia.

Since 2013 Chistova is a private brand under which new fashion collections are created as well as costumes for movie stars, theatre actors and musical industry players.

In 2015 two brands Chistova and Arsenicum joined together to establish a mutual creative space, Apartment26 studio, which is currently situated in a historical centre Kuznetsky Most and became for them a real place of power and inspiration.

By 2020 Anna’s portfolio consists of more than 20 movies. Her clients are famous movie stars and show business celebrities.

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Apartment26 studio

Photo: Oleg Borodin /

Anna about herself

“On the screen I try to focus on pure esthetics. I immerse myself in the movie stylistics, trying to open the characters by bringing my own style and vision into each scene…”

Private life

Relatives Name
Mother Elena Chistova [2]
Ex-Husband Gleb Samoilov (musisian)[3]
Husband Oleg Zotkin (promoter)
Son Egor Zotkin


Film (year) Director  
Three (2020) Anna Melikyan  
Tenderness (2020) Anna Melikyan  
Masha (2020) Anastasia Palchikova  
Beautiful girl! (2020) Yana Smooth  
Queen (2020) Taisiya Igumentseva  
Happy End (TV series 2020) Roman Prygunov  
Fairy (2019) Anna Melikyan  
Triad (TV series, 2019) Dmitry Dyachenko  
Tenderness (2018) Anna Melikyan  
Dead Lake (TV series, 2018) Roman Prygunov  
Handsfree (2018) Alexey Nuzhny  
Draft (2018) Sergey Mokritsky  
Beyond Reality (2018) Alexander Boguslavsky  
Quartet (TV series, 2016) Anna Melikyan  
Zoology (2016) Ivan I. Tverdovsky  
8 (2015) Anna Melikyan  
I am a teacher (2015) Sergey Mokritsky  
About Love (2015) Anna Melikyan  
Duhless 2 (2015) Roman Prygunov  
Such a mood, adagio Bach and a small fragment from the life of a girl Lena (2014) Anna Melikyan
Cinema about Alekseev (2014) Michael Segal  
Star (2014) Anna Melikyan  
Correction Class (2014) Ivan I. Tverdovsky  
Country of Good Kids (2013) Olga Kaptur  
Duhless (2011) Roman Prygunov  


Film (year) Director
Star (2014) Anna Melikyan

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[1] Анна Чистова (КиноПоиск)

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[3] Как Валерия Гай Германика породнила мир кинематографа, рок-музыки и бальных танцев (Woman Hit, Alevtina Letopisceva)

[4] Chistova, Anna (Facebook)

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