(Rus. / Eng. Original spell; Updated / Est. / Born 2018 (2), Moscow) is a / an Russian writer based in Europe [1]. 0.0 *

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Updated / Est. / Born: 2018
Age: 2
City: Moscow
Venue: Red Square
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(Est. 2016, Moscow) is an art movement in Russia, focused on basis Ancient “subterranean” deities or spirits of the underworld, or refers to anything chthonic [1] which is under the earth, with headquarters in Tsentr Krasny [2] in Moscow.

Group of chthonists in Moscow

Photo: Dmitry Jakovlev / Facebook

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[1] Chthonic (Wikipedia)

[2] Первый манифест русского хтонизма (The Art Newspaper, Михаил Климин)

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