Cote d’Ivoire Fashion Week

(Fr. Semaine de la mode en CĂ´te d'Ivoire; Est. 2011 (9), ) is an Ivorian fashion event founded by WFO [1]. 0.07 *

Name: Cote d’Ivoire Fashion Week
Other: Ivorian Fashion
Est.: 2011
Age: 9
Founder: WFO
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AGOA Fashion Week

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Ivory Coast Fashion Week is a platform of promotion of the creativity of Ivorian Fashion industry and textile actors (Fashion Designers, Stylists, Models, traditional textile craftsmen, Hairdressers, Make-up artists, Choreographers, Fashion Photographers, etc.) as well as companies products and services.

All these craftsmen with their creative genius gave a Fashion cultural identity to Ivory Coast as Abidjan (economic capital of the country) is considered as the Regional Fashion Capital in West Africa.

Ivory Coast Fashion Week is also the platform of selection of Ivorian fashion industry actors who will represent the country at World Fashion Week and World Fashion Awards.

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[1] Cote d’Ivoire Fashion Week (Wikipedia)

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