Deinichenko, Andrei

(Rus. Андрей Дейниченко; Born 1971 (49), Aksai) is a Russian journalist founder of Indexmod, multimedia artist, actor, visioner at the Eta [1]. 0.94 *

Name: Andrei
Surname: Deinichenko
Other: Dei
Born: 1971
Age: 49
City: Aksai
Venue: Eta fellowship headquarters
Founder: of Indexmod
Facebook: 321
Instagram: 0
Twitter: 0
Vkontakte: 0
Vimeo: 0
Youtube: 3281

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Andrei Deinichenko in 2007 at the Eastern gallery

Donor Darom / LiveJournal


Russian journalist founder of Indexmod, multimedia artist, actor, visioner at the Eta fellowship, [1], layout and prints designer [2].

From autobiography

I became a journalist, it being happened, I worked for several years as a Fashion Editor in the GQ editorial in Moscow, as well as I have got a chance to experiment at the Department of New Media of MSU. Since then, I became interested in visual design and creating of art objects such as eco-hotel-capsule, interior robots and other multimedia creatures.


Year Milestones
2000 Conde Nast
2005 Gazprom Media
2006 Establishing the Indexmod
2007 Afisha Mir
2012 Pure Trend
2014 Science for Life Extension
2015 Indexmod Encyclopedia
2017 Entering the Eta fellowship
2018 Indexmod blockchainpedia

Transhumanist actionism

Andrei has worked with scientists at the “Science for Life Extension”, trained as a cameraman at the website of PostNauka (PostScience). In my creative plan is a series of works in the genre of installation videos to a new audience expand before questions concerning the archaic views of society on the Death and Dying, as well as a new scientific paradigm of life extension and not dying.


Year Film (director, role)
2001 MTV promo for Garbage muic video (Gleb Orlov, as Homeless) [5]
2008 Cotume stylist at Indigo (Roman Prygunov) [6]
2008 Indigo (Roman Prygunov, as Narco) [7]
2011 Cocktail Master 2011 (Alxei Platonov, as Visistor) [8]

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[1] Товарищество «Эта» представит последние мультимедийные разработки в палатах Украинцева («Эта» )

[2] Андрей Дейниченко. Примеры работ (Google Sites)

[3] Andrei Deinichenko (Facebook)

[4] Andrei Deinichenko (Instagram)

[5, 6, 7, 8] Andrei Deinichenko (IMDB)

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