Dyulgerova, Anna

(Rus. Анна Дюльгерова; Born 1976 (43), Moscow) is a Russian PR-consultant and business director for Garage magazine [1]. 0.04 *

Name: Anna
Surname: Dyulgerova
Other: Анна Дюльгерова
Born: 1976
Age: 43
City: Moscow
Venue: Garage Moscow
Founder: Cycles&Seasons, Anna Dyulgerova Communication
Facebook: 0
Instagram: 562
Twitter: 0
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Anna at after-party of the “Fondation Louis Vuitton Collection. Favorites" exhibition at Strelka Bar

Sasha Mademuaselle / Theblueprint.ru


PR-consultant and business director for Garage magazine, former executive fashion editor of Russian Vogue [2], Sanahunt Cultural Initiative’s ambassador [3], entrepreneur and socialite [4], marketing consultant [5].

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Anna Dyulgerova in 2011

Photo: Alexey Kiselev / Anothermag.com

Selected milestones

Year Milestone
2011 Russia Style ambassador C&S [6]
2019 Speaker, moderator (MFS) [7]

See also


[1] Anna Dyulgerova, Cycles and Seasons (Anothermag.com)

[2] The former executive fashion editor of Russian Vogue paints a picture of modern Moscow (Crane.tv)

[3] Happy endings. Kate Sutton on Olafur Eliasson at the PinchukArtCentre (Artforum.com)

[4] Secret Cities Moscow Anna Dyulgerova’s Modern Vision of the Russian Megacity (Nowness.com)

[5] Интервью с PR агентом и маркетинг консультантом Анной Дюльгеровой (Богдан Максименко, Telegra.ph)

[6] Anna Dyulgerova, Cycles and Seasons (Anothermag.com)

[7] Что такое Ассоциация моды Москвы и при чём тут Ксения Собчак (Buro247.ru)

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