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Dzhyva (リネン)

(Ukr. Джи́ва; Est. 2017 (3), Kiev) is an Ukrainian brand of natural linen from flax and hemp with selection of old signs and patterns as a charm or amulet [1]. 0.0 *

Name: Dzhyva
Other: Джива
Est.: 2017
Age: 3
City: Kiev
Venue: Festival "Misto shaslivyh ludei" in the city of Brovary
Founder: Olga Govorova
Facebook: 324
Instagram: 275
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Olga Govorova Ukrayinske Village 近くの下着のサンプルを紹介しています

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2017 設立
2018 ショールームのオープニング
2018 Festival “Misto shaslivyh ludei” in the city of Brovary

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