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How to edit


Participation is possible in two ways: through the comments section (a) and (b) directly editing. (A) Your comments will not go unnoticed. All comments are reviewed and then included in the articles. (B) For direct editing, click on the appropriate link on the page to the interface of the visual editor. Minimum knowledge of Markdown, and GitHub will be required

Edit any page following under-underlined Edit link on top of every page, you will be redirected to editor. Warning: to save changes you may need authorize as GitHub user.

Create new page

Follow Edit
Find the and copy content
In blockchainpedia tab create new file with .md extention
Paste content of the template in your file
Edit Page title and Permalink and save new page

Writing the content

The aim of Indexmod blockchainpedia to simplify wiki syntax for a pretty layout. Following checklist explains few steps of creating and editing beautiful articles at Indexmod blockchainpedia.


Every page is written with Markdown – the easiest language for static pages generating.

Front matter

Each page on top have hidden section with meta data. This area called a Front matter and set with triple-dashed lines.


title: How to edit

permalink: edit

layout: default


Above code is a Front matter of page with title How to edit. A typical Front matter may contain Page title, Permalink, Layout and other metadata.

Page structure

The visible area of the page have Title, Cover section, an Image with Caption and Credits, Conspectus section, See also section and Footnotes section.


# Aberdeen Fashion Week

# Tailor, Victoria

# Duma, Miroslava (publisher)

Title includes the subject’s name Aberdeen Fashion Week, surname and name Tailor, Victoria and may be added with specification with round brackets Tailor, Victoria (designer).


(Born 1968, Paris)

(Est. 2012, Moscow)

Front starts with (Born, Est. 1999, city) beginner in round brackets. Following one-two sentences of description every front sentence ends with footnote links styled with Squared brackets

The following code for footnote link

<span id="a1">[\[1\]](#f1)</span>

Will be rendered as


Image, caption, and credits

This is image link code

This is image caption code

**Image caption**

Will be rendered as

Image caption

This is image credits code

*Photo: [Photographer name](photographer-name) / [Source name](edition-name)*

It will be rendered as

Photo: Photographer name / Source name

Every image must be described and styled with bold font. Credits line starts with photographer’s name styled italic with an active link and after slash separator a source, or/and edition name. Links may also be pointed to not existing pages with syntax photographer-name or edition-name.


Conspectus is for any structured data in table, the following code






Will be rendered as

Year City
2014 Tokyo
2015 Moscow
2017 Paris

See also

See also section connects your page with others pages in Indexmod Encyclopedia. Use following template combining list and link styling syntax. The code

+ [See also](index)

Will be rendered as


Code for footnote

[[1]](#a1) <span id="f1"></span> [Article 1 (Author 1)] (

Will be rendered as

[1] Article 1 (Author 1)

Connect some text using short links [1], [2], [3] with links and source in Footnote edit. Kepp numbering in links organized: [1] Article 1 (Author 1)

Translate some page in

Create the copy of the page which you want to be translated. Use another language translated sample of the page as guide.

Put the

Translation label

on top section of the page as warning for other editors. editor

Every page may be edited in editor using link “Edit the “page name”” at top-left section of each page. To save changes you may need have an account and be authorized as GitHub user.


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