Eykhbaum, Cecilia

(Rus. / Eng. Original spell; Updated / Est. / Born 2018 (1), Moscow) is a / an Russian writer based in Europe [1]. 0.0 *

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Updated / Est. / Born: 2018
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City: Moscow
Venue: Red Square
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(Rus. Татьяна Шапигузова, aka Peggy Guggenheim, Satanusha and Suspiria [1] born 1988, USSR) is a Russian model [2], artist [3], DJ, co-founder of Moscow Institute of Kosmic Anomaly living and working in Moscow.

Cecilia Eykhbaum playing DJ set at the Urban Fauna Laboratory

Photo: Andrei Dei / Indexmod Encyclopedia

Eykhbaum, Cecilia Conspectus

Year City
2013 Sound Curator at MSK Eastside Gallery
2015 Producer in Point Management
2015 Creative executive in Linkmuse
2016 Transformer in AVEC

Cecilia Eykhbaum (center) visiting New Year’s Eve of the Naked Heart Foundation and the presentation of Pavel Kaplevich’s opera

Photo: Vogue / Vogue.ru

Eykhbaum, Cecilia Indexmod *

  2018 2019
Age 30  
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[1] 10 треков от Suspiria для Москвы, занесенной снегом (Афиша Волна)

[2] Kristallberg (Vimeo, Indexmod Encyclopedia)

[3] Мечты Алисы (Vogue, Natalia Turovnikova)

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