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Fedorov, Vladimir

(Rus. Владимир Федоров; Born 1963 (57), Sumi) is an Ukrainian and Russian artist, co-founder of the art group “Inspection of Medical Hermeneutics”, Precious fetish of “Medical Hermeneutics” [1]. 0.0 *

Name: Vladimir
Surname: Fedorov
Other: Федот
Born: 1963
Age: 57
City: Sumi
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Vladimir Fedorov in 1984

Mr. Iammister / Wikipedia


(Ukr. Федоров Володимир, born 1963, Sumi, dead, 2018 Kharkiv) Ukrainian-Russian artist, co-founder of the art group “Inspection of Medical Hermeneutics”, Precious fetish of “Medical Hermeneutics” [1], in 2014 moved to Moscow, in 2015 have worked with Ivana Babushkina at House of Artists on Vavilov 65 [2].


He was born in the in the family of a mathematician and engineer. In the mid-1970s, the family moved to Odessa. In the late 1970s, along with his classmate Alexei Kotsievsky, the direction “Creinistic Realism” was created. In 1982, Fedorov introduces Leonid Voitsekhov with Sergei Anufriev: from that moment the Odessa conceptual group emerges. In the mid-1980s, the persecuted bodies, because of their participation in apartment exhibitions, moved to Kharkov. Since 1991, he became a senior inspector of the Inspectorate “Medical hermeneutics” instead of Yuri Leiderman. Last years Vladimir Fedorov lived and worked in Moscow. In the structure of the group the Inspectorate “Medical hermeneutics” was given the status of “Fetish MG”

Cover of the memorial event “The Precious Fetish of “Medical Hermeneutics”. Remembering Vladimir Fyodorov”

Photo: Maxim Tuzhikov / Indexmod Encyclopedia

Vladimir Fedorov (Phedot), “Cloud Rorschach”, 2010

Photo: Sergei Ugolnikov / Around Art


Year City
1998 Kharkiv
1999 Odessa
2000 Moscow
2015 Solovki
2017 Moscow

Vladimir Fedorov, fragment of documentary interview

Photo: Peter Shirkovskiy / Colta / Vimeo

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[1] Павел Пепперштейн о Владимире Федорове (Павел Пепперштейн, Telegra.ph)

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