Galinskaia, Olga

(Rus. Ольга Галинская; Born 1973 (47), Temirtau) is a Russian artist of film costume, stylists, image consultant living and working in Moscow [1]. 0.29 *

Name: Olga
Surname: Galinskaia
Other: Gala
Born: 1973
Age: 47
City: Temirtau
Venue: Dead lake (film by Roman Prygunov)
Facebook: 1066
Instagram: 821
Twitter: 0
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Graphics by Olga Galinskaia (2018)

Olga Galinskaia / Facebook


(Rus. Ольга Галинская, born 1973, Temirtau) Russian artist of film costume, stylists, image consultant living and working in Moscow.

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Olga Galinskaia

Photo: Anatolii Medved / Woman’s Day


Olga began her career as a stylist in the 2001 Condé Nast stylist for GQ, AD, Vogue, Glamour, Gala, as well as Afisha Mir Magazine. Then in 2005 continued to improve the profession as leading stylist on NTV Channel and projects at ShanDesign, and as Chief Stylist on “Home” Channel in Moscow [1]. In 2005, Olga expended into TV working as the in-house stylist for 20 shows including top-ranked shows and talk shows dedicated to fashion with national channels. Her responsibilities included working with fashion related content, styling shows hosts and characters. The highlights of such work are styling of Russian editions of international formats What Not To Wear and Next Top-Model. At the same period Olga worked at creating costumes concepts for advertising shoots and music videos, look books and fashion performances.

Still cover of the interview with Olga Galinskaia (YouTube)

Interview by: Roman Belosnezhny / Ctapoctb, Maximage, YouTube

The highlights of such work are assignments for Bacardi, Sberbank and Saks Fifth Avenue opening in Kazakhstan. One of the most noteworthy experiences was the creation of Sochi Olympic Games commercial. Olga is one the leading professionals in personal image making and shopping. She is known for her abilities to create impressive looks with mass-market apparel, exquisite analysis of commercial aims behind the assignment and ability to work within tough deadlines and under pressure.


Year Project
2013 Alma-Ata “Saks Fifth Avenue Mall”
2014 “Take it off immediately”


Year Film (Director)
2017 “Pro Lubov” (Anna Melikian)
2017 “I am going to you” (Anna Melikian)
2018 Beyond the Edge (Alexander Boguslavskiy)
2018 Clubare (Ivan Kursky)
2018 Dead lake (Roman Prygunov)

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[1] Как выглядеть стильно зимой: семь советов звездного стилиста (Woman’s Day)

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