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Identity of Indexmod


(Est. 2006, Moscow) a sign for Indexmod Encyclopedia of Art and Fashion created by Andrei Deinichenko in 2015 based on the earlier image of 2011 by Andrei Abramov (Odinmay).

An “Eye” of Indexmod of 2011

Image: Andrei Abramov / Indexmod

An “Orbit with Eye” of Indexmod of 2018

Image: Andrei Dei / Indexmod


Year Image keys Name
2011 Eye on “IM”  
2015 Eye in gold  
2016 Eye and waves  
2017 Orbit with Eye  
2018 Sphere with I Indexmod blockchainpedia

An “Eye” of Indexmod in gold 2015

Image: Andrei Dei / Indexmod

Vector of developing of Indexmod identity

Image: Andrei Dei / Indexmod

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