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Kobrin, Vladimir

(Rus. Владимир Кобрин; Born 1942 (78), Moscow) is a Soviet and Russian scriptwriter, director, artist. Died in Moscow in 1999. [1]. 0.12 *

Name: Vladimir
Surname: Kobrin
Other: Владимир Михайлович Кобрин
Born: 1942
Age: 78
City: Moscow
Venue: Moscow
Founder: of Kobrin Screen Studio
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Instagram: 0
Twitter: 0
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Youtube: 683
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Vladimir Kobrin

Unknown author / Wikipedia



Born March 8, 1942 in Moscow. After graduating from school, he got a job as a machine operator at the Moscow Plant of Experimental Film Equipment. Then he became a mechanic at Tsentrnauchfilm, where he became interested in complex shooting equipment, invented devices for special surveys, and independently learned to shoot through a microscope. In 1961 he entered the VGIK at the camera department, workshop of Boris Volchek. He graduated from VGIK in 1968 with a degree in cameraman. He worked since 1977 at the Moscow film studio “Centrnauchfilm” [1].

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Still from “The dreaming of the dancing dancers” (1998)

Photo: Kobrin / Youtube


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