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(Rus. Колхуи, колдовские художники, “witchcraft artists”, est. 2002, Saint Petersburg) is a group, about 13 participants, of artists, also artist Nikolai Kopeikin one of the founders, formed in 2002 to explore so called multrealism [1]. The works of the group’s participants are in more than 30 museums of Russia and abroad. Exhibitions of the group, with different composition, about 15 in Moscow, St. Petersburg, Geneva, V. Novgorod, etc.

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Viktor Puzo-Buravkin, Vasya Lozhkin, Vladimir Medvedev, Mikhail Rubtsov, Nikolai Kopeikin, Andrei Kagadeev, Nikolai Vasilyev, Alexei Uvarov, Andrei Lyublinsky and Kirill Miller

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Year Participants
2002 Vasya Lozhkin
  Andrey Kagadeev
  Nikolay Kopeikin
  Vladimir Medvedev
  Nikolay Vasilyev
  Alexei Uvarov
  Mikhail Gavrichkov
  Cyril Miller
  Andrei Lublinsky
  Victor Puzo
  Vasya Lozhkin
  Vasily Golubev
  Pavlik Lemtybozh
  Alexey Khatskevich

At different times, Grigory Mayofis, Alexander Liver, Ivan Tourist, Prokhor, Ivan Ushkov, Sergei Pakhomov, Vsevolod Emelin, Alexander Erashov, Denis Donchenko, Boris Trevozhny, Stas Kazimov, Mikhail Rubtsov, Oleg Teptsov, Andrei Kuzmin, Porfiry Fedorin joined the group at different times, Alexey Sergeev, Grigory Yushchenko, Igor Mezheritsky, Alexander Vilkin and others.

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[1] Kolhui (Facebook)

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