La Moscovite

(Rus. Ля Московит, Москвичка; Est. 2017 (2), Moscow) is a Russian silk scarves brand, unique collectible scarves with folk designs, inspiration in true Russian style, paintings on spinning wheels and chests founded by Ariadna Cherkasova in 2017 [1]. 0.0 *

Name: La Moscovite
Other: Ла Московит, Москвичка
Est.: 2017
Age: 2
City: Moscow
Founder: Ariadna Cherkasova
Facebook: 200
Instagram: 980
Twitter: 0
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Bird of Wonder (black), Severodvinsk painting, 90х90, 100% silk, ₽12000

La Moscovite /


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Arianda Cherkasov the founder of La Moscovit brand

Photo: Varvara Filippova /


La Moscovite brand, creates designer collections of Russian folk culture-themed silk scarves. Veritable treasures can be found in old wooden houses: grandmothers’ olden chests and wonderfully painted spinning-wheels. Galloping horses and deer – slanting rain of patterns – it all intertwines in a fancy, ethereal image where singing rivers and fields of our ancient homeland come to life. Authentic folk ornaments, ancient church murals, and elegant miniature paintings from manuscripts became an inexhaustible mine of inspiration for La Moscovite. The brand creators are committed to preserve the unique beauty of folk ornamental arts and share it, shown in bright colours on natural silk, with the whole world.

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[1] Почему вы должны меня знать: основатель бренда аксессуаров La Moscovite Ариадна Черкасова (

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