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(It. Lablaco; Est. 2016 (3), Milan) is a global platform, app, website, services under brandname Lablaco committed to making fashion circular [1]. 1.41 *

Name: Lablaco
Other: Lablaco Srl
Est.: 2016
Age: 3
City: Milan
Venue: Corso di Porta Vittoria 18
Founder: Lorenzo Albrighi, ShihYun (Eliana) Kuo
Facebook: 15255
Instagram: 46500
Twitter: 239
Vkontakte: 0
Vimeo: 2
Youtube: 995
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Pinterest: 14
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Lorenzo Albrighi CEO & Co-Founder of Lablaco

Unknown author / Circular Fashion Summit 2019 Press kit


A platform, app, website, services under brandname Lablaco committed to making fashion circular, revolutionizing the average shopping experience to create the first social-commerce platform to give away pre-loved clothes, earn discounts, shop designer fashion worldwide.

Bio of Lorenzo Albrighi

Lorenzo was born in London on November 1987 by an Italian/American father and an English mother, growing up between Florence and Milan, grew a deep passion for the Italian fashion scene, which brought him to start sewing as an apprentice tailor at 20 years old in the historical sartoria A. Caraceni in Milan, serving clients from Karl Lagerfeld, Gianfranco Ferrè, Calvin Klein and many other high profile individuals. After two years of learning the basics of traditional Italian bespoke tailoring he moved to Florence to learn the basics of cutting suits from Neapolitan cutter and master Mario Sciales at Sartoria M. Marinaro, serving the Florentine aristocracy as the Pucci family and other historical families.

After two years of cutting and sewing suits he set up his own tailoring house, featured in the Louis Vuitton Milan City Guide as one of the best ateliers in town, with clients ranging from members of the Arab Royal family, fashion photographer Giovanni Gastel, to the Co-Founder of Net-A-Porter, Arnaud Massenet, who then became the first investor in Lablaco.

Having worked for almost ten years in the fashion industry and launching his ready to wear line, he met ShihYun Kuo, working at Giorgio Armani as Buying and Merchandising Manager for Asia Pacific and realized the current fashion system is broken as it is now one of the largest polluting industries in the world. So they Founded Lablaco in 2016, the first Circular Fashion platform with mission to tackle fashion’s biggest challenge of redesigning a new digital and circular fashion system for a transparent and sustainable future for brands and consumers worldwide.

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ShihYun (Eliana) Kuo founder of Lablaco S.r.l

Photo: Unknown author / Circular Fashion Summit 2019 Press kit

Bio of ShihYun (Eliana) Kuo

ShihYun (Eliana), Kuo, Co-Founder & COO of Lablaco, in charge of Business Strategy, Business Development, Operation and Marketing, based between Milan and Paris.

Born in Taipei and living between Paris and Milan, ShihYun, Kuo is a Data and Digital Innovation Entrepreneur with 8+ years of experience in Luxury Retail Buying & Merchandising Management, Data System and Digital Media. After obtained a luxury fashion MBA at SDA Bocconi School of Management, she entered in Luxury industry as Retail Business Analyst in Etro, following APAC Merchandising & Buying supervisor in Giorgio Armani HQ, in Milan.

Solution-driven thinker, she was honored to be assigned personally by General Manager of Giorgio Armani HQ to develop new technology projects for the Maison, brought to life a few Startups across Europe and Asia in KOLs & Online Media, Digital Marketing and Fashion & Lifestyle Retail sectors, with clients such as Vogue, Officiel, Dolce&Gabanna and Vionnet.

Always having in mind to build a global platform to support talents and the industry for fashion, in 2016, she has finally founded Lablaco, the first Circular Fashion Platform with a mission to accelerate the digitalization and transition towards the Circular Economy of the Fashion Industry. By leveraging Blockchain within an open source platform, Lablaco aims to redesign a new ecosystem for fashion industry by introducing new sustainable business models and re-defining the relationships among retailers, brands, designers, influencers, content creators and consumers in a single system.

“Digitalization is the key to make fashion circular, transparent and more sustainable in business.” - ShihYun Kuo, Lablaco

Present of Lablaco

To make change happen at scale, Lablaco is now launching the Circular Fashion Summit, partnering with the Lane Crawford Joyce Group, the largest luxury retailer in Asia, on 28t September 2019 at Station F during Paris Fashion Week.

A Collective Action Summit to discuss the issues in Fashion, Tech and Sustainability with industry leaders from Kering, IBM, Adidas, Eco Age and many other great companies, starting also to act immediately on 3 measurable goals supporting the United Nations SDG to be achieved collectively in 12-month timeframe, powered by the Lablaco system, using Blockchain for a transparent supply chain, enabling companies and individuals to start making fashion circular together [2].


Year Event, city
2016 Establishing
2019 Circular Fashion Summit, Paris [3]

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