Lecharlatan (socks)

(Rus. Ле Шарлатан; Est. 2015 (5), Moscow) is a Russian brand of socks [1]. 0.23 *

Name: Lecharlatan
Est.: 2015
Age: 5
City: Moscow
Founder: Andrey Bozhyev
Facebook: 719
Instagram: 4258
Twitter: 0
Vkontakte: 2257
Vimeo: 0
Youtube: 2668

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Olly Alexander wears Lecharlatan socks

Tom Jamieson / The New York Times


(Est. 2013, Moscow) is a clothing brand, Russian streetwear brand [1], an independent label providing high quality socks founded Le Charlatan by Andrey Bozhyev [2] and Maria Aldarova [3], later purchased from co-founder and registered as Lecharlatan by Andrey Bozhyev (2015). Partner of the TEDxSadovoeRing [4].


Year Milestone
2014 Purchasing from co-founder
2015 Registering of Lecharlatan
2016 Launching of Строгий юноша
2017 Launching of Русский успех by Vika Rynski
2017 Garments for TEDxSadovoeRing

Russian-Ukrainian musician Ivan Dorn wears Lecharlatan socks

Photo: Jurij Treskow / Wikipedia


Year Store Country
2014 Tsvetnoy Central Market Russia
2015 Podium Market Russia
2016 Uggla Japan


Year Category Name Who wear
2018 Music video Poshlaya Molly — Tipichnaya vecherinka s basseynom [5] Main character
2017 Music video Monetochka — Poslednyaya diskoteka [6] Main character
2017 Music video Nusha — Nebya lubit [7] Dancer
2017 Fashion film Lecharlatan, Featuring Anna Modo, Lookbook [8] Main character
2016 Music video Mezza — Dlya nee (Net lyubvi) [9] Singer
2016 Music video Obladaet — Timelapse / Mask [10] Unidentified character
2016 Music video Nadyulya — Pati y Nadyuli [11] Dancer
2015 Music video Ligalaiz — Karavan [12] Dancer
2015 TV show Years and Years King Live at The Tonight Show with Jimmy Fallon [13] Olly Alexander

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