Levadnaja Details

(Rus. Левадная Дитейлс; Est. 2006 (14), Moscow) is a Russian brand, established by clothes, bags, accessories and ceramics to combine the Russian traditions with the modern context [1]. 1.32 *

Name: Levadnaja Details
Other: LD
Est.: 2006
Age: 14
City: Moscow
Venue: Levadnaja Showroom Stoleshnikov
Founder: Svetlana Levadnaja
Facebook: 17559
Instagram: 41200
Twitter: 0
Vkontakte: 102
Vimeo: 0
Youtube: 0
Soundcloud: 0
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Fragment of vase "Steppe" from Levadnaja Ceramics collection by Levadnaja Details

Levadnaja / Levadnaja Ceramics



Year Month Place Event
2018 March Moscow D3 Pablic Talk

Svetlana Levadnaja about the brand

“All our work, all the work of our masters is dedicated to Russian beauty. We want to show how it is harmonious and necessary in the modern context. Our embroidery is a subject of pride of our masters. It is the only one of its kind, patented, and is a huge intellectual technology of traditions of traditions of embroidery (both folk and royal court) with modern geometry and shapes. Our embroidery is a drawing of frost on the glass, it is a painting in embroidery, it is a recognizable vintessence of Russian drawing.” [2] — Svetlana Levadnaja says about Levadnaja Details

Levadnaja Details logo

Photo: Levadnaja / Levadnaja Details

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[2] Паблик-ток со Светланой Левадной: переосмысление русского стиля (Центр моды и дизайна)

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