Markovich studio

(Rus. Маркович; Est. 2015 (5), Saint-Petersbourg) is a Russian brand of women's clothing with urban rhythm and mythology of romance, vinner of the the Grand Prix of the contest “Fashionable Start Up” in 2015 [1]. 0.08 *

Name: Markovich
Other: Студия Маркович
Est.: 2015
Age: 5
City: Saint-Petersbourg
Venue: BP “Kozhevniki”, “Аuditoriya” show room
Founder: Anna Markovich
Facebook: 187
Instagram: 9664
Twitter: 0
Vkontakte: 152
Vimeo: 0
Youtube: 0
Soundcloud: 0
Pinterest: 0

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Item from lookbook of the Markovich Studio. Spring / Summer 2018

Markovich studio / Instagram



The philosophy is based on the idea of ​​finding a dynamic equilibrium point between the primordial spirituality of human nature and the person of tomorrow.

The urban rhythm and mythology of romance, tradition and experiment are two beginnings on the scales of a systematic but sincere search for one’s own line.

The inner wind and constant acceleration of time inspire the brand ideologist Anna Markovich to create an understandable, verified line of cuts in a moderate combination with romantic elements of the European medieval style and the ideas of cyberpunk culture [2].


Year City
2016 Show room, Saint-Petersbourg [2]
2017 Grand Prix of the contest “Fashionable Start Up”, Saint-Petersbourg
2018 Faces & Laces [3]

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[3] Увидели субкультурную кооперацию, кастомизировали вещи, послушали Princess Nokia и не только – как прошла выставка Faces & Laces 2018 (

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