Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week Tbilisi

(Eng. Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week Tbilisi; Est. 2015 (5), Tbilisi) is a Georgia’s premier fashion event offering an international platform for designers from the region to seamlessly connect with media and buyers [1]. 0.52 *

Name: Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week Tbilisi
Other: MBFWT
Est.: 2015
Age: 5
City: Tbilisi
Venue: Georgian Museum of Fine Arts, Radisson Blu Iveria Hotel
Founder: Sofia Chikonia
Facebook: 18853
Instagram: 18600
Twitter: 0
Vkontakte: 0
Vimeo: 0
Youtube: 386
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Mercedes Benz Fashion Week Tbilisi international guests

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The event will increase the domestic awareness of home grown fashion and increase the global presence of Georgian design, while highlighting the culture and sophisticated glamour that solidify Tbilisi as a style capital where east meets west. As Societe Anonyme Foundation’s newest addition to its global portfolio of leading events and initiatives, significant resources are invested into the future of fashion in Georgia, via world class stages, digital and social campaigns and a team comprised of the industry’s elite professionals. Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week Tbilisi provides a platform of industry opportunities and relationships. The promotion of creativity and innovation has always been important to Mercedes-Benz. The combination of Mercedes-Benz and fashion harmonizes perfectly and is extremely successful. This is why Mercedes-Benz will continue to support the platforms of fashion in the future as well as intensify its commitment. The focus of Mercedes-Benz’ fashion commitment is on offering designers international platforms to present themselves. Our aim is to promote designers and talented people and also promote Georgia through art and fashion.


The mission of MBFWT is to support, give visibility to designers from around the globe. Our aim is to build the bridge between designers, artists, photographers, fashion and art experts, journalists, fashion and art personalities from around the world. This project creates a platform for all the talented people in fashion, who can exhibit any of their works without any restriction. We introduce and promote talented people and give the chance to show their work to the leading fashion professionals.

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