Michaelson, Victor

(Rus. Виктор Майклсон; Born 1955 (65), Moscow) is a Russian professor, teacher at RSUH, founder of “Communicator” and “Slow Food Ulitka”, Doctor of Political Sciences living and working in Moscow [1]. 0.22 *

Name: Victor
Surname: Michaelson
Other: Виктор Майклсон
Born: 1955
Age: 65
City: Moscow
Venue: RSUH
Founder: of “Communicator” and “Slow Food Ulitka”
Facebook: 2328
Instagram: 1786
Twitter: 0
Vkontakte: 0
Vimeo: 0
Youtube: 0
Soundcloud: 47
Pinterest: 0

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Victor Michaelson in 2017

Luba Kozorezova / HSE Art And Design School



Member Name Profession Native Birth
Mother Lydia Pediatrician Moscow  
Father Michael Builder Warsaw  
Daughter Anastasia   Toronto 1980
Daughter Maya   Moscow 2014


Year Milestone
1977 Moscow Institute of Transport Engineers
1997 London School of Economics and Political Sciences
2004 Establishing of the “Communicator” Group
2015 Establishing of the “Slow Food Ulitka”
2017 Nokia becoming client of “Communicator” Group

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[1] Виктор Майклсон — Про меня – Сноб (Snob)

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