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(Est. 2013, city) is a Evgeny Molodtsov (Rus. Евгений Молодцов) born 1987, Penza—is a Russian multimedia, artist jury of photo festival «Evolution» 2012, 2013 in Kostroma, Russia, a founder of gallery FineArtRussia [1].

Earned degree in economics at the National Research University – Higher School of Economics (Moscow) while studying the photography at the school for journalists. In 2010 became the member of the Union of Photo Artists of Russia. Spend one year in Italy studying the culture and economics at the Bologna University. From 2012 live in Saint Petersburg and attend the Fotodepartament Institute contemporary photography course. In 2014 I participated in parallel program of Manifesta, the European Biennial of Contemporary Art. I’ve visited the workshops of Rafal Milach, Andrei Liankevich and other contemporary photographers. Preferred medium – photography. My methods in photography often include catalogization, deconstruction, appropriation and decontextualization. First theme of interest is the influence of new technologies and virtual reality on the perception of the real world and how the digital/virtual environment influences our life. For example in the «Earth Herbarium» project I consider landscapes that have been significantly transformed by human activities using the images from Google Earth and Instagram. This project was mentioned by Photovisa contest, Russian Reporter magazine and Lens Culture. The other field of my interest is the theme of identity transformation. In the project «Temple-200» I study how the role of the church as the visual attribute of Russian culture was transformed in the last two decades. This project was exhibited several times as a part of group exhibition «Well-timed» in Saint Petersburg, Moscow and Minsk. In the ongoing project «Via Garibaldi» I examine the theme of different levels of identity (European, national and local) and the phenomena of “new regional nationalism”. Education 2004-2009 - National Research University – Higher School of Economics (Moscow), World Economy and World Politics. 2008-2009 - School of journalism «Izvestia» (Moscow). Course of photography. 2011-2012 - University of Bologna (Italy), doctorate internship in Economics under Erasmus Mundus programme. 2012-2015 - Fotodepartament Institute, PostPhotography Selected group exhibitions 2009, 2010, 2012, 2014 – Young Photographers of Russia. Final Exhibition. Nigniy Novgorod, Cheboksary, Ples. 2010 - Project “Russia eternelle”. Town Hall. Paris, France. 2010 – Exhibition within the 2-nd Russian-Philippines business forum. Cebu, Philippines. 2013 – Final exhibition of International Photography Competition PHOTOVISA 2013. Krasnodar. 2014 - “Well-timed”. Saint Petersburg, Fotodepartament gallery. 2014 – Residency «House of Photo». Parallel program of Manifesta. Saint Petersburg, Fotodepartament gallery. 2014 - “Well-timed”. Minsk, Tseh gallery. Month of Photography in Minsk. 2015 - “Well-timed”. Moscow Museum of Modern Art (MMoMA). Biennale «Fashion and Style in the photography-2015». 2015 - Photofestival “Fotomania-2015”. Final exhibition. Project “Temple-200”. Kaliningrad, Russia. 2015 - Bitume Photofest. Loop corner. Italy. 2015 - International portfolio review. Choice of reviewers. Final show. Saint Petersburg, Russia. Catalogues and publications Young Photographers of Russia 2009, 2010, 2012, 2014. Union of Photo Artists of Russia. Catalogue of festival Photovisa – 2013. Book «Russia eternelle». Paris, France, 2010. Earth Herbarium. Lens Culture website. 2013. Earth Herbarium. Russian Reporter magazine. 2013. House of Photo. Catalogue of the Parallel program of Manifesta. 2014. Appropriation in the photography. FMagazine. 2015.

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2017 Moscow [2]

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