Nemchenkova, Valentina

(Rus. Валентина Немченкова; Born. 1983 (37), Sverdlovsk) is a Russian costume designer, model and DJ. Living and working in Moscow [1]. 0.28 *

Name: Valentina
Surname: Nemchenkova
Other: Валентина Немченкова, Santa Valentina
Born.: 1983
Age: 37
City: Sverdlovsk
Venue: Simachev Bar, Ritz Carlton Moscow
Facebook: 2916
Instagram: 2680
Vkontakte: 201
Soundcloud: 212

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Valentina Nemchenkova by Rachel Chandler Guinness for Midland Agency at China Town, Manhattan, New York City

Rachel Chandler Guinness / Facebook


Valentina worked as costume designer [1], model [2], stylist [3] and DJ [4]. Today she is living and working in Moscow.

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Valentina wears fur coat from flea market in Berlin, Check Ya Head, gift bag, vintage lofers

Photo: Katya Starostina /


Year City
2003 Chanel catwalks
2017 Ritz Carlton Moscow DJ sets
2018 Simachev Bar

Marriage and family

Year Name, relation
1999-2000 Eugeny Nemchinov (Smyslovye galutsinatsii), husband

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