Nina Donis

(Rus. Нина Донис; Est. 2000 (20), Moscow) is a Russian fashion brand based in Moscow founded by Nina Neretina and Donis Pupis [1]. 0.77 *

Name: Nina Donis
Other: Нина Донис
Est.: 2000
Age: 20
City: Moscow
Founder: Nina Neretina, Donis Pupis
Facebook: 407
Instagram: 14600
Twitter: 0
Vkontakte: 0
Youtube: 0

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Nina Donis at Asthik (2017)

Asthik / Vogue Ukraine


A fashion brand founded in Moscow by Nina Neretina and Donis Pupis in several years after graduate Kosygin Moscow Textile Academy [1]. Until 2000 working as a stylist (TV, musicians), creating conceptual clothes mini-collection, and since 2000 Nina and Donis creating regular seasonal collections, participating Fashion Exhibition London (London Fashion Week, 2000-03); Best Mix Collection (International competition, Hyere, France, 2001); Designer of The Year (Harpess Bazar Russia, 2001); 150 of the Most Influential Designers of the Present (ID London, Tashen, 2003); Designer of the Year (GQ Russia, 2003); Daniele Ghiselli Diffusione show-room (2004-07); Runway of A/W 2005/06 collection at (with sup. British Fashion Council, London Fashion Week, 2005); Show-roomed for world retailers (Studio Zeta Milan, from 2007); Switching from runway shows to fashion films [2] and presentation campaigns (from 2009); Including unificated design in official moodpboard every seasonal campaign (from 2012) [3, 4].

Early collections

Name Season City
Yura AW 2001/2002 Moscow
Pom-Pon AW 2001/2002 London
Durman SS 2002 Moscow
Shar AW 2002/2003 Moscow
For Swiss Textiles 2002 Moscow
3хх-23 AW 2003/2004 London
3хх-23 AW 2003/2004 Moscow
Rex SS 2004 London


Movie Year Filmmaker
Moving mood board 2018 Olya Korsun, Masha Frolova [5]

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[2] Небо, море, облака. Обзор Buro 24/7: Nina Donis, весна-лето 2017 (Buro 24/7)

[3] Nina Donis Friends (Facebook)

[4] Nina Donis (Instagram)

[5] Moving mood board, A crash course in Russian culture from the designers behind fashion brand Nina Donis (

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