Ognennaya Lady

(Rus. Огненная леди; Est. 1993 (27), Moscow) is an Russian personage, brand, established by artist Oleg Gusaev in Moscow in middle 90-s [1]. 0.0 *

Name: Ognennaya Lady
Other: Ognennaya
Est.: 1993
Age: 27
City: Moscow
Venue: Птюч (magazine)
Founder: Oleg Gusaev
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Ognennaya Lady in 90-s

Unknown / Indexmod


Today brand is transformed by owner to Oleg Ognenny

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Ognennaya Lady at Dsquared2 in “Arma” in 2008

Photo: Aleksandr Kotin / Spletnik


Year Name
1993 Ognennaya lady
2009 Oleg Ognenniy

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[1] Игорь Шулинский о своей книге, ссоре с «Афишей» и фоне 1990-х (Bg.ru)

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