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Only Role Of The Superstar, The (2011)

(Rus. Единственная роль Суперзвезды; Made 2011 (9), Moscow) is a film coursework of Anton Seregin [1]. 0.0 *

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Made: 2011
Age: 9
City: Moscow
Venue: Red Square
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Fragment of The only role of the Superstar

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(Rus. Единственная роль Суперзвезды, 2011, Moscow) is a film — coursework of Anton Seregin. The film was awarded a prize of the festival “Message to a Man” (St. Petersburg, 2011) as “the best feature film of the national competition”. In the center of the plot Susanna a 64-year-old actress is no longer plays on the stage, lives with his elderly mother and only occasionally arranges poetry readings. For 20 years, Susanna stores play at home, where she took for herself the title role Susanna decides that the time for the realization of her dream has come.

Fragment of The only role of the Superstar

Photo: Anton Seregin / Vimeo


Year Award City
2011 “Message to a Man” St. Petersburg

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