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(2013, Nakhabino) is a concept of interior gadget created by Andrei Deinichenko made of a pine and chrome-plated aluminum details [1].

1. A Pinea Chrome robots at the indoor composition; 2. Cover of Pinea Chrome campaign at Vimeo; 3. Scetch of the robot’s ID tag; 4. Set of Pinea Chrome in box sketch; 5, 7. Pinea Chrome at Moscow-River near Nikolona Gora; 6. Robot and projection installation scheme; 8. Gadget setting scheme; 9. In-box-manual

Photo: Alex Platonov / YouTube

Pinea Chrome Crowdfundings

Year City
2014 Boomstarter
2015 Planeta
2018 Skolkovo Crowdfundings Platform

“Unsuccessful in terms of crowdfunding innovation, you can imagine Andrei Deinichenko project Pinea Chrome, with the goal of creating a humanoid robot, built from wooden beams and chrome joints. The main purpose of this device is attached to its head different objects and its subsequent use as decorative items. This project was not able to attract investors because of its actual uselessness [2].”

Developing in 2016

The prototype Pinea Chrome has been assembled in Moscow from pine and chrome-plated aluminum. Since the robot Pinea Chrome piece of furniture, the intellectual module is not provided in this model. However, the intellectual component can be connected by the owner as a personal gadget to the dock on the neck of the robot.

Noble woods

“There is some directions of development of robots line Pinea Chrome: such as robots made of the noble woods or a giant video mapping installation of a hundreds robots.” — said Andrei.

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[1] Pinea Chrome (Vimeo)

[2] Crowdfunding in Russian Federation. Lunev V. D. (EduHerald)

[3] Pinea Chrome (Facebook)

[4] Pinea Chrome (Vimeo)

[5] Pinea Chrome (YouTube)

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