Pirate television

(Rus. Пиратское телевидение; Est. 1989 (30), Leningrad) is a Russian show, alternative television, program, collaboration of artists, art movement founded in 1989 in Leningrad by Timur Novikov, Juris Lesnik, Sergey Shutov, Vlad Monroe [1]. 0.03 *

Name: Pirate television
Other: Пиратское ТВ
Est.: 1989
Age: 30
City: Leningrad
Venue: Do 16 i starshe
Founder: Timur Novikov, Juris Lesnik, Sergey Shutov, Vlad Monroe
Facebook: 2106
Instagram: 0
Twitter: 0
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Vlad Monroe in Volga Volga as Lubov Orlova on cover of Pirate television page on Facebook

Pirate television / Facebook


Since 2010 page of memory of Vlad Monroe where materials of the digital archive of the artist are published. Page administrated by Mikhail Sachkov [2].

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A still from PTV

Photo: Пиратское Телевидение / Facebook

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[1] Пиратское ТВ (Mediaartlab.ru)

[2] Пиратское Телевидение (Mediaartlab.ru)

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