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(Est. 2013, city) is a Alex Platonov (Rus. Алексей Платонов)—Russian film director, photographer, co-founder of 4s4r [1].

Image title Alex Platonov in 2015

Alex Platonov in Karitsa village, Vologodskaya Oblast, 2015 Illustration: Tatiana Egoshina / Sygma Photo: Name / Source


Studied journalistic at MGU and film direction and documental theater at Marina Razhbezhkina Studio at Moscow Film School. My passion for photography made me quit the TV job, I went to the Moscow academy of photography and learned to work with studio light and started a career of a glossy magazines photographer. After some years I started shooting video and slowly moved away from commercial photo shootings to making documentary video. At that time I started to earn money for living by motion computer graphics with a team of friends, so I don’t have a necessity to seek for video making jobs. I felt an obstacle to develop my vision as a documentary filmmaker and went to the School of Documentary Film & Theatre in Moscow. It was a yearlong mind blowing adventure, which totally changed my approach to camera and editing. I made two films during that period, which are totally different from what I made before and I feel myself on the beginning of a new path. One of them, “Ostrov”, was made together with Agnia, with whom we plan to work together on this film. Also at the end of 2015 I made a web documentary project, combining in a single online narration videos, texts and photos from a personal deep immersion into rural Russia. (Self-bio for documentary festival in Berlin).

> Alex Platonov—“I'm afraid of my country, especially the provinces... I was uncomfortable, anxious, I was not happy there, but I can not go...”

Platonov, Alex Selected works

2015 Ostrov (film) Co-Director / Camera Saint Petersburg 2015 Vologda notes (multimedia) Director / Camera Vologodskaya Oblast 2015 Skukoten’ Director / Camera Moscovskaya Oblast 2014 Raph on top of the world Director / Camera Dubai 2013 Maxim’s mother Director / Camera Moscow 2012 Borya Director / Camera Moscow

Year City
2017 Moscow

Alexei and his father among the of students, “The Island” show, Khokhlovsky Pereulok, Moscow, 2015 Photo: Andrei Gurotesuku / Indexmod

Dima and Andrei Kaban, “Vologda notes”, 2015 Photo: Alex Platonov / Sygma

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