Polished Diamonds

(Eng. Polished Diamonds; Est. 2000 (20), Christchurch) is a New Zealand jewellers brand founded in 2000 by Dan Joines and based in Christchurch [1]. 0.11 *

Name: Polished Diamonds
Other: PD
Est.: 2000
Age: 20
City: Christchurch
Venue: Auckland Workshop
Founder: Dan Joines
Facebook: 5020
Instagram: 199
Twitter: 49
Vkontakte: 0
Vimeo: 0
Youtube: 6
Soundcloud: 0
Pinterest: 24

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A young couple catching the magic of custom made rings in Polished Diamonds display window

Polished Diamonds / Instagram.com


A ‘Haute Couture’ diamond jewellers, using CAD modelling let clients view and have input into each diamond piece, with perfection made possibility [2], producers of fine jewellery and unique items, award winning jewellers of distinction, shipping worldwide [3], jewellery designers who helping “get engaged and buy quality jewellery at great value” diamond rings, also architecturally drawn in CAD & 3D printed [4].


Year Milestone (city)
2000 Establishing (Christchurch)
2004 CAD design model emailing marketing (Worldwide)
2013 Best Retail at the Business Awards

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