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(Est. 2013, city) is a Anton Polsky (Rus. Антон Польский) born 1982, Moscow—a Russian interventionist, artist, activist and designer, graduate of Russia’s State Humanitarian University, Department of History of Art.1 [1].

Image title Anton Polsky in 2011 Photo: Alexander Utkin / Moskovskie Novosti

Anton Polsky (Make) in Saint Petersburg Photo: Nastya Raduzhnaya / Lifehacker Photo: Name / Source

Polsky, Anton (Make) On way to activism

In the late 90s, fascinated by graffiti, Anton created the first Russian magazine about street art. In recent years he worked as a designer in the online newspaper The Village. In 2010, he wrote a manifesto “Moscow 2020” on specific reforms in the capital. Then he participated in the organization of the festival community “Delay Sam”.2 Finally Moscow has acquired a printing cycling map Use / Less.3 In 2011, together with his wife Sonja and friend Igor Anton Ponosov created a website partizaning.org, dedicated underground rescheduling of the urban environment. According to the Polish, “Partizaning”—a new movement, which lies at the intersection of art and social space.4

Year City
2017 Moscow


Sonya Polskaya—wife Eric Polsky—son

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1 About Partizaning Lab 2, 4 “The new intelligentsia” at Moskovskie Novosti 3 “Moscow Artist Sparks Local DIY Bike Map Movement” at Treehugger

[3] Polsky, Anton (Make) (Facebook)

[4] Polsky, Anton (Make) (Instagram)

[5] Polsky, Anton (Make) (YouTube)

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