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(Rus. Попс, агентство поп-культуры; Est. 2017 (2), Moscow) is a Russian communication agency, described itself as "innovative marketing communications, technologies and new media agency", founded by Roman Selivan in 2017 [1]. 0.0 *

Name: Pops
Surname: Pop culture agency
Other: Агентство «Попc»
Est.: 2017
Age: 2
City: Moscow
Venue: Povarskaya, Moscow
Founder: Roman Selivan
Facebook: 293
Instagram: 0
Twitter: 0
Vkontakte: 0
Vimeo: 0
Youtube: 340
Soundcloud: 0
Pinterest: 0

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Pops agency logo since 2017

Pops / Pops


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Roman Selivan founder of Pops

Photo: Pops / Pops

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[1] Как человеку стать брендом (Sostav.ru)

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