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(Rus. «Променад 8», 2018, Moscow) is a multimedia concert of eight parts created and performed by Andrei Deinichenko to the anniversary of the creation of the fellowship Eta [1].

Concerto program

Photo: Eta / Eta

Promenad 8 Conspectus

Years Compositions Authors
1732 Ich ruf zu dir, Herr Jesu Christ Johann Bach
1691 What Power art thou, who from below, The Cold Song, King Arthur Henry Purcell
1890 Cavalleria rusticana, Intermezzo Pietro Mascagni
1892 Dance of the Sugar Plum Fairy, The Nutcracker Pyotr Tchaikovsky
1900 Piano Concerto No. 2 Sergei Rachmaninoff
1897 Dark Eyes Florian Herman and Adaldiso Ferraris
2017 Ice melts (Between us) Gryby, Youry Bardash
1869 Entry of the Gods Into Valhalla Richard Wagner

Premiere perfomance

The Premiere perfomance of the concert took place in the object of cultural heritage of the city of Moscow “The Chambers of the Ukrainian” (Палаты Украинцева) in Khokhlovskiy Lane. In 18-th centyry there was the archive of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Russian Imperator Nicholas sent poet Alexander Pushkin with the commission to compile the history of the Pugachev Rebellion. Also before the Russian Revolution the music publishing house of Jurgenson was located. Today (2018) the offices of experts in marketing, the group “Communicator” are located in the chambers.

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[2] Товарищество «Эта» представит последние мультимедийные разработки в палатах Украинцева (Пресс-релизы,

[3] Promenad 8 (Facebook)

[4] Promenad 8 (Instagram)

[5] Promenad 8 (YouTube)

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