Psycho Daily

(Rus. Психо Дейли; Est. 2018 (1), Moscow) is a Russian curatorial agency of events with own media without a site and prints, which tells about the manifestations of urban culture [1]. 0.0 *

Name: Psycho Daily
Other: Психо Daily
Est.: 2018
Age: 1
City: Moscow
Venue: Jack's Friends'
Founder: Katya Dementieva, Panya Kirillina, Philip Mironov, Alisa Poe, Pasha Vardishvili
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Pop-up avatar of September 2018

Artem Stefanov / Telegram


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PD authors: Katya Dementieva, Philip Mironov, Alisa Poe, Pasha Vardishvili

Photo: Not specified / PD

PD guides

Year City
2018 Istambul
2018 SPB for Tinkoff

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[1] 6 самых модных гостей вечеринки ПсихоDaily (

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