Rozendaal, Rafaël

(Eng. Rafaël Rozendaal; Born 1980 (40), Amsterdam) is a Dutch-Brazilian artist based in NYC, internet-visual artist practice websites, installations, lenticulars, lectures, and haiku. Websites of Rafaël Rozendaal attract a large audience of over 30 million visits per year [1]. 1.24 *

Name: Rafaël
Surname: Rozendaal
Other: New Rafael
Born: 1980
Age: 40
City: Amsterdam
Venue: NYC
Founder: of the Bring Your Own Beamer format
Facebook: 28394
Instagram: 93800
Twitter: 1465
Vkontakte: 0
Vimeo: 0
Youtube: 0
Soundcloud: 0
Pinterest: 0

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Rafaël Rozendaal in 2018

Austin Leee / Instagram



Year City
2018 Generosity at Towada Art Center Japan

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[1] Rafaël Rozendaal Everything Dies, May 2012 (

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