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(Est. 2013, city) is a Rusmoda (Rus. ООО «РусМода») est. in 2004, Moscow—is a Russian company founded by Oxana Lavrentieva.1 Sign in to edit Rusmoda [1].

A space of Rusmoda at Trekhgorka in Moscow, 2012; A corporate wall edition of “Vestnik Rusmody”, 2012 Photo: Bburo247 / Spletnik Photo: Name / Source


The company of Rusmoda focuses on four core activities as development of the brand Alexander Terekhov, work with corporate clients, Atelier Moscow an individual tailoring of women’s clothing, health and beauty center “White Garden”. Office of Rusmoda is located the factory “Tryokhgornaya manufactory” with Alexander Terekhov and Atelier Moscow departments.1 Sign in to edit About

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[3] Rusmoda (Facebook)

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