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Sachkov, Mikhail

(Rus. Михаил Сачков; Born 1974 (46), Moscow) is a Russian multimedia artist working and living in Moscow [1]. 0.16 *

Name: Mikhail
Surname: Sachkov
Other: Mic, Mish, Миш, flockTV!, NKNZN
Born: 1974
Age: 46
City: Moscow
Venue: Patriki
Founder: of IIIYM, 4S4R and Super duet
Facebook: 107
Instagram: 743
Twitter: 0
Vkontakte: 37
Vimeo: 242
Youtube: 0
Soundcloud: 127

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Mikhail Sachkov wearing Turbo Yulia during Bacardi Dancefloor Main Event Disclosure party in Moscow in 2017

Dmitry Shumov / Facebook UnityUnity



Founder of creative association “Super duet”, co-founder and art director in 4S4R, one of the first Russian artists began to work in the genre of fashion film, living and working in Moscow.

He started his career as a producer of MTV-Russia promo, creating a unique animation content that became the channel’s trademark. Then he worked as art director of MTV-Russia. From 2010 to 2017 he worked in the Moscow group of media artists “4S4R” (“Phosphorus”).

“4S4R” gained fame due to audio-visual projects and abstract graphics in the aesthetics of minimalism. In 2010, the team organized the first professional multimedia pop-up exhibition “Bring your projector”, which later became annual.

The night of new media in 2014 was remembered by the bright project of the team “Transmutation” or “Cyclotron II” in the genre Site-Specific Screening - the volume multilayered projections of “4S4R” in the 12-meter well “mutated” the “Arka” space of Boris Bernaskoni with graphics and sound, transforming the architectural object from immovable into movable.

For the Digital Dreams about Russia, the joint project of the Tretyakov Gallery and RUSAL, who presented 15 works from the museum collection in digital format in Hong Kong in 2015, the 4S4R team created an animation clip for each work.

Since 2017, Mikhail Sachkov works as an independent video art artist. Of the latest projects, it is worth highlighting the audio-visual series for the performance “L’Illusion du Marriage”, shown in the main program of the Venice Biennale 2017 in Scuola Grande San Giovanni Evangelista [2].

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