Samokatjan, Misak

(Rus. Мисак Самоктьян; Born 1983 (36), Stanitsa Marianskaya) is a Russian visual artist student of Rodchenko School [1]. 0.09 *

Name: Misak
Surname: Samokatjan
Other: Мисак Минасян (Minasyan)
Born: 1983
Age: 36
City: Stanitsa Marianskaya
Founder: of Synthposium
Facebook: 1187
Instagram: 1475
Twitter: 0
Vkontakte: 0
Vimeo: 128
Youtube: 0

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Misak Samokatjan is posing for Plums Fest in 2013

Nina Rasiuk / Plums Fest


Co-founder of Proun, also known as Minasyan (Минасян), curator in Synthposium festival [2], a transcendental person who does not exist in the consciousness of being-for-itself, phenomenon of the phenomenon, existential emanation of self, ontological accident, escapist-technocrat, minimalist, nothingness structuralist, intelligent dadaist, scholastic saboteur, techno mannerist, catechist of the absurd. Misak living and working in Moscow.


Year Milestones
2013 Becoming Rodchenko School student
2016 Establishing Proun
2017 Establishing Synthposium festival

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[1, 2] Proun artists Misak Minasyan (Readymag)

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