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São Paulo Fashion Week

(Por. Semana da Moda de São Paulo; Est. 2005 (15), São Paulo) is an international fashion event in Brazil [1]. 41.29 *

Name: São Paulo Fashion Week
Other: SPFW
Est.: 2005
Age: 15
City: São Paulo
Venue: Farol Santander
Founder: Brilliance Group, Luminosidade, LUMI 5
Facebook: 617839
Instagram: 348000
Twitter: 522000
Vkontakte: 0
Vimeo: 0
Youtube: 0
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Água De Coco Brazil

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Main fashion event in Latin America, São Paulo Fashion Week is the symbol of an industry that brings together 30,000 companies, has an annual turnover of $ 50 billion in exports and employs over two million Brazilians.

In its 15 years of existence, SPFW went far beyond fashion. Today it has become a reference of creative economy and a unique communication platform, has built a network of high quality content and repercussion. Its two annual editions generate a large flow of visitors to the city of São Paulo;

A trade show held semi-annually in São Paulo. It is notable as “Latin America’s pre-eminent fashion event” and it is considered the fifth largest fashion week after in the world behind New York, London, Paris and Milan. It has been controversial in the past because of a “longstanding bias towards white models”. In 2009, quotas were imposed that required that 10 percent of models be “black or indigenous” as a way to foster equal opportunity.

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[1] SPFW (Facebook)

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