Sergeenko, Ulyana

(Rus. Ульяна Сергеенко; Born 1979 (41), Ust-Kamennogorsk) is a Russian fashion designer, founder and owner of the brand Ulyana Sergeenko [1]. 33.18 *

Name: Ulyana
Surname: Sergeenko
Other: Ulyanka
Born: 1979
Age: 41
City: Ust-Kamennogorsk
Venue: Paris Fashion Week
Founder: Andrei Dei
Facebook: 4903
Instagram: 421000
Twitter: 0
Vkontakte: 0
Vimeo: 0
Youtube: 0

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Ulyana Sergeenko at "Recent portraits of Russian couturier Ulyana Sergeenko" by Nick Sushkevich Studio

Nick Sushkevich / Behance


A fashion designer, founder and owner of the brand Ulyana Sergeenko, “the oligarch’s ex-wife who changed the way Russians dress”, living in Moscow.

Husbands and boyfriends

Year Persone Status
2013 Danil Khachaturov Divorced
2018 Igor Sechin Boyfriend [2]

“Duma Niggas scandal”

On January 23 of 2018, designer Ulyana Sergeyenko presented her summer collection of clothes in Paris. Media paid more attention not to the collection itself, but to the invitation that Sergeyenko sent to her friend Duma. On the envelope it was written: “To my niggas in Paris”. The day before the show, Miroslava Duma posted an invitation. Bloggers and fashion magazines were vigorously discussing the expression that caused a series of accusatory public statements and the release of Miroslova from the board of directors of the store The Tot [3].

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[1] Ulyana Sergeenko: the oligarch’s ex-wife who changed the way Russians dress (The Times, Anna Murphy)

[2] Дизайнер Ульяна Сергеенко встречается с главой “Роснефти” Игорем Сечиным (Spletnik)

[3] Ульяна Сергеенко пригласила Мирославу Думу на свой показ в Париже словом «niggas». Теперь у обеих проблемы (Meduza, Olga Strakhovskaya)

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